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Bosch eBike Systems

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FAQ / Global

Battery range

How long will the battery installed in the on-board computer hold its charge if I remove the on-board computer from my eBike?

When it's battery is fully charged, Nyon can usually operate for approximately an hour or more without renewed power supply.

Where can I see what remaining eBike battery power I have?

On the dashboard you see a percentage-based indicator of the battery charge level. In the operating mode "Map & Navigation", you can use the sub-function "Range" to see at a glance what range of travel you have with your current remaining battery charge level. A circle is then drawn around your current location showing the calculated remaining range of travel. However, topographical conditions within that calculated range are not considered.
FAQ / Global

Smartphone App

Is the app compatible with the operating system of my smartphone?

You need a smartphone with the operating system iOS10 and higher or with Android 5.1 and above.

In which countries is the eBike Connect app available?

The eBike Connect app is available for the 28 member states of the European Union, and for Switzerland and Norway.

How are software updates implemented on the eBike Connect app?

Updates are installed via the App Store.
FAQ / Global


How do I recharge my on-board computer?

There are two possible ways to recharge your on-board computer:
  1. If the on-board computer is in the holder, there is a sufficiently charged eBike battery pack in the eBike and the eBike system switches on, the Nyon battery will be powered with energy from the eBike battery pack. If Nyon is taken out of the holder, the energy supply takes place via the Nyon battery. To charge the Nyon battery, place the on-board computer back into the holder.
  2. The on-board computer can also be recharged via the USB socket. To do this, open the protective cap. Use a micro-USB cable to connect the USB port of the on-board computer with a standard USB charger (not in standard scope of supply) or the USB connection of a computer (5 V charging voltage, max. 500 mA charging current).

Can I charge my smartphone on the eBike?

Smartphones can be recharged via the USB socket in your on-board computer. Prerequisite for such recharging is that the on-board computer and a sufficiently charged rechargeable battery are installed.
To recharge a phone, proceed as follows:
  1. Open the protective cap of the USB socket on the Nyon.
  2. Connect the USB socket of the external device with the USB socket on the Nyon by means of a standard-compliant Micro A or Micro B USB 2.0 cable. Use of any non-standard-compliant USB cable or a cable/adapter combination can cause damage to the on-board computer.
  3. Once recharging has been completed, reseal the USB socket with the protective cap.

Caution: Electrical loads connected to the on-board computer can impair the eBike's battery service life.
FAQ / Global

Care instructions

What should I do and pay attention to if my on-board computer is not to be used for an extensive period of time?

Remove the on-board computer from the eBike and fully charge it before you put it into storage. To achieve the maximum service lifetime of the Nyon battery, it should be fully recharged every three months when not being used.

What should I watch out for in case of intense sun exposure?

The on-board computer shuts off automatically at excessively high temperatures, and cannot be restarted until the temperature has dropped.
Extreme temperatures can damage all of the system's components, in particular the eBike battery.

What level-of-protection does the on-board computer meet?

IPX7 rating (watertight).

What should I watch out for at extreme temperatures?

The operating temperature range of Nyon lies between -5°C and 40°C.
It is recommendable as a general rule to observe the operating and storage temperatures of all eBike components. This information can be found in the operating manual of the individual components.

How do I need to watch out for during transport?

Remove the on-board computer and battery when transporting your eBike by car and stow them safety and securely inside your vehicle. This helps prevent these components from incurring any damage in transit.
FAQ / Global


Can I use my Bosch eBike on-board computer on some other eBike as well?

Yes, provided the second eBike is fully compatible with the Bosch eBike on-board computer. If you're not certain if this is the case, please ask your specialist dealer.
Please note that the first and second eBikes may differ e.g. in terms of drive unit (Performance Line/Active Line), maximum speed (Cruise/Speed) and wheel size circumference. Depending on how similar the second eBike is to the first one, certain settings are taken over (e.g. purchased premium functions), while others won't be (e.g. user-defined screens and certain or custom riding modes).
FAQ / Global

Assistance level

What riding modes are available to me?

  • "OFF": No support, all of the important information continues to be delivered;
  • "ECO": Effective assistance with maximum efficiency, for maximum operating range;
  • "TOUR": Uniform assistance, for trips with a large operating range;
  • "SPORT": Powerful assistance, for sporty riding on hilly routes as well as city traffic;
  • "TURBO": Maximum assistance up to high cadences, for sporty riding.
To increase the motor assistance, press the "+" button on the operating unit until the desired riding mode appears in the display. To reduce the motor assistance, press the "-" button.

*eMTB Mode, which has been specially conceived for the Performance Line CX, dynamically switches between Tour and Turbo riding modes, offering progressive motor support for maximum performance on the trail.

How can I change the support level?

To increase the motor support, press the button "+" on the operating unit repeatedly until the desired Riding mode appears in the display. To reduce the motor support, press the button "-".

How can I see what support level is currently set?

You can see the current support level for example in the Riding mode. And in the Navigation as well as Fitness modes as well, you can see what support level is currently active.

What are "Custom Riding Modes"?

The premium function "Custom Riding Modes" allows Nyon owners to adjust four additional operating modes themselves. After purchasing via the shop in the eBike Connect app, you will find the settings in the eBike Connect app and in the online portal ( under "Settings > My eBike > Custom Riding Modes".
Each of the four riding modes can be defined via five control points in the ratio "% support from the motor" at "km/h speed". Switching from the standard modes to custom riding modes takes place via the sub-menu in the "Ride" operating mode. Previously blue elements are then coloured yellow. While riding, the conversion takes place between the custom riding modes as usual with the buttons "plus" and "minus" on the operating unit on the handlebar. In order to return to the default riding modes, select the sub-feature "Standard modes".
FAQ / Global


How can I find out if a software update is available for my Nyon?

If Nyon is already connected to a Wi-Fi network and a USB device, it will notify you automatically if a software update is available. After about one minute, Nyon will display an update notification. Simply follow the short steps given in that notification.
You can search for updates on Nyon by going to "Settings > Connections > Switch on Wi-Fi" in the menu and connecting Nyon to a Wi-Fi network. Then go to "Search for updates" in the "My Nyon" menu and Nyon will search for available software updates. If an update is available, a notification will be displayed. Connect Nyon using a USB cable and follow the instructions.
FAQ / Global


How do I switch the start or push aid on and off again?

Press the "WALK" button to activate the walk-assistance function. For motors of model year 2017 and later, first press the "WALK" button and then the "+" button on the control unit, holding down the "+" button.
Walk assistance deactivates when any one of the following actions is implemented or occurs:
  • You let go of the "WALK" button (up to model year 2016).
  • You let go of the "+" button (model year 2017 and newer).
  • The eBikes wheels are blocked (e.g. by braking or bumping up against an obstacle).
  • The maximum speed for the walk-assistance function is exceeded.
  • The crank is blocked.

Caution: Please use the "Walk" function only for its intended purpose. A risk of injury may arise if the wheels have no contact with the ground (e.g. mounted on a stand) when the function is activated.
FAQ / Global

eBike System

How do I turn my eBike system on?

You have three ways to turn on the eBike system:
  • Put Nyon in the holder. The eBike system will automatically turn on.
  • With the device inserted with a battery, press the Nyon On/Off button once shortly.
  • With Nyon inserted, press the On/Off button of the eBike battery pack (see operating instructions of the eBike battery pack).

How do you set the service interval?

Your bicycle dealer can define what service interval is best. This can be a time- and/or mileage-dependent interval.

What settings can I enter under "My eBike"?

The eBike can be renamed in "My eBike" and user-defined screens can also be updated as well as any customised individual riding modes.
FAQ / Global


What is eShift?

The function eShift serves to integrate the bike's gear shifting into your eBikes system. The eShift system ensures that are you always in the correct gear.

With what gearing systems does eShift work?

Shimano Nexus (8 gears) and Alfine (8+11 gears) as well as Shimano Di2 Deore XT and XTR, Enviolo (formerly NuVinci) HSync, and Rohloff Speedhub.

Can eShift be retrofitted to existing systems?

No, eShift cannot be retrofitted to existing systems.
FAQ / Registration


How can I log in?

In the eBike Connect app, select Login. Once you have entered your e-mail address and password and tapped the Login button, your app is ready to go.
It's not possible to log into the eBike Connect app with Facebook. Please log-in at and assign yourself a password under "Settings > Profile > Password". Facebook can still be used for login via the online portal.
In the eBike Connect online portal: Click on the blue highlighted "Login" button at the top edge of the screen of the online portal ( and enter your e-mail address and password there. Alternatively, you can also log in using the login details of your existing Facebook customer account.
FAQ / Registration


How can I register?

If the device is brand-new, you first select what language you wish to use. In the subsequent steps, there are multiple options to choose from:
The option "Offline" doesn't offer any online functions and is suited e.g. for riders who prefer not to use a smartphone and/or on-board computer.
The option "Online > WLAN" performs the complete registration process via a WLAN and the online portal (
The option "Online > Smartphone" enables full registration by way of your Android or Apple smartphone.
Decide which option you wish to use and follow the instructions on Nyon, the eBike Connect app.If you select the option via WLAN and have completed your registration, you can add your Nyon to your account under the heading eBikeSystem/Device. You can subsequently enter a PIN on your Nyon.

There are two possible ways of registering on eBike Connect:
Download the eBike Connect app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Open the app and follow the steps outlined under Register.
Go first to the website, open the Register tab and follow the steps outlined there.

Getting started – how do I start Nyon?

Please switch on Nyon, select your language and follow the instructions. You have the following options for putting Nyon into operation:
  • "TEST RIDE": You can perform a test ride without having to register or enter data in advance. After it is switched off, all of the driving data will be deleted
  • "OFFLINE": Your eBiking and user data are only stored locally on your on-board computer. The data entered there remain saved after turning off the on-board computer, but aren't synchronised with an eBike Connect account.
  • "ONLINE > SMARTPHONE": Insert Nyon into the display holder, download the smartphone app eBike Connect onto your smartphone, install the app on your smartphone, and complete the registration process. Connect your Nyon by way of My eBike / Add device. Once the connection has been established, the trip data will be synchronised with your eBike Connect account.
  • "ONLINE > WLAN": Connect to a WLAN of your choice. You'll then be referred to the online portal eBike Connect. There you can complete your registration process. Once you're registered, the trip data will be synchronised with eBike Connect.

How can I change my profile settings?

You can adjust your profile at any time under "Settings > My profile".
You can adjust your profile at any time under "Settings > My profile".

How do I delete my data?

You can delete your complete profile under Profile.
Selected data can be deleted via the Profile.
Individual activities can be deleted in the Activities.
See also our data protection (privacy) guidelines for more in-depth information.

Can I log onto another Nyon?

You can also use the eBike Connect app to log-in to some other on-board computer. To do so, go the tab "My eBike". There you can manage and add devices. You can then select what Bosch eBike on-board computer you wish to connect to. If that on-board computer is registered by some other user account, all data that have not yet been synchronised are deleted.
You can also use your account to connect directly to the "other" Nyon. In Nyon, select "Settings" > Connections > Connect smartphone and follow the instructions.

How can I protect my personal data?

In your data privacy settings you can adjust what data can be processed by eBike Connect. To do so, go to More > Settings > Privacy Settings or App Settings.
Please note that you cannot display any activities on the map when Geolocation/GPS are not activated.
FAQ / Menu


When can I see my eBike trip in the activities?

  1. Remove your Nyon from your eBike at the end of your ride.
  2. However, please leave the existing Bluetooth connection to your smartphone running or ensure that Nyon is connected to a WLAN.
  3. Wait until Nyon has automatically shut down.
After just a few minutes, you'll already be able to see and track your activity in your user profile in the online portal or in the smartphone app eBike Connect.
Important: If your eBike ride is subsequently not yet visible in the app or online portal, please repeat Steps 2 and 3.
Note: The most recent synchronisation is displayed on eBike Connect in the activities list and under "My eBike".

What can be found on eBike Connect under "Activities"?

In the app, you are provided on the first page with an overview of all activities in the activities list. When you tap on any specific activity, details on that activity are displayed. By swiping to the right you'll find more information.
You'll find the same information at the online portal under the tab "Activities".

What does the function "Share with Strava" on eBike Connect mean?

The function "Share with Strava" enables you to upload a single activity to your Strava account. You need a Strava account for this purpose. To do this, go to the activity list and then go to activity details. You can find the function on the right under Options.
FAQ / Menu


How can I access the settings on my on-board computer?

Select the left-hand menu and, using the joystick, select the item "Settings".
FAQ / Menu


How do I reset the meter?

You can reset the meter by selecting and confirming "Reset meter" in the right-hand menu. This can be done in both the Ride and Fitness screens.
FAQ / Navigation


What map material is saved on my Nyon?

Nyon usually doesn't come with any pre-installed maps. You can install maps on your Nyon free of charge by following these steps:
  1. Select the menu item "Map & Navigation".
  2. Select "Map Management".
  3. Select the desired maps and follow the instructions on your Nyon.
If using the device "Offline", you can obtain maps from Bosch eBike experts.

How does the streaming of maps between my smartphone and Nyon work?

If a Bluetooth connection is enabled between your smartphone and the on-board computer, Nyon uses maps from the Internet for navigation. However, maps are not saved on Nyon or your smartphone.
Nyon maintains only those maps in its data buffer that it needs for the momentary navigation, automatically loading new map sections as it needs them for navigation.
Please note the following in this regard: When Nyon accesses the Internet through your smartphone, you may incur roaming charges if you are abroad.

Where does the map material come from?

The electronic map material is based on OpenStreetMap, OSM for short. Nyon is typically delivered by the bicycle dealer with map material from the surrounding area (e.g. Baden-Württemberg). The map material was optimised by Bosch for use on Nyon and on simple, high-contrast displays and, in addition to bicycle paths, also shows different substrates as well as bicycle-related elements, such as stairs. Map components that are not relevant for riding the eBike are modified or shown less dominantly (e.g. motorways).

How can I import completed GPX routes into the eBike Connect online portal?

Go to the tab "Route Planning" and click on the button "Upload GPX file". Select a file, open the file, enter your name, and save the file in the portal. Once synchronisation has taken place, the routes are available.

How is my GPX route transferred to Nyon?

Have you imported a completed GPX route into the online portal? Then this will be transferred to Nyon during the next synchronization.
Please note that this requires an active Internet connection. If Nyon is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the routes available on your smartphone will be transferred automatically.

How do I record my eBike rides?

The ride record begins automatically once you've activated the system and begin your ride. All of your rides will be recorded and saved.
The route you have travelled is marked as a dotted line on the map.

Can I change the map display on Nyon?

There are two options for the map display in the "Map & Navigation" operating mode: 2D (view vertical from above) and 3D (view slanted forward, including horizon). The map display can be set separately under "Settings > Map & Navigation" for a normal ride (without navigation) and for a ride with navigation.

How can I zoom in on the map on Nyon?

Nyon offers eight set zoom levels. In the "Map & Navigation" operating mode, these can be cycled through either directly by pressing on the joystick or via the sub-menu "Zoom".
FAQ / Navigation


How do I enter a destination?

  1. Move the joystick to the left and select "Map & Navigation" in the main menu.
  2. Move the joystick to the right to enter the sub-menu and select the sub-function "Navigate".
  3. Select "Enter Destination" and enter the desired destination.
  4. You will then be offered three route options to select from. Select a route and start the route guidance.

  1. Your Nyon must be connected with your smartphone through Bluetooth.
  2. In the main menu, select the "Map" section.
  3. To calculate a route, either enter the destination address there manually or press your finger for one second or longer on the desired location on the map.
  4. You will then be offered three route options to select from. Select a route and transfer that route to your Nyon.
  5. The route you've transferred will appear as a pop-up on Nyon.

  1. In the main menu, select the item "Route Planning".
  2. To calculate a route, please either enter the start and destination addresses there manually or click on a location on the map.
  3. You will then be offered three route options to select from. Select a route and save it.
  4. The stored route can then be transmitted to your Nyon.
  5. The route you've transferred will appear as a pop-up on Nyon.

How can I save locations?

The online portal ( offers you the option of saving individual locations that you, for example, can use as a navigation point at a later point in time. In this way you can select a saved location as a destination or set it as the starting point for a route.
Saving locations takes place as follows: Please go in the online portal to "Map > Plan route" and add one or both addresses under A and B. The "Save" button will appear below the input fields. Please click on the button and in the next step select the location(s) that is/are to be saved. The saved location will immediately be displayed under "Saved Locations".

How can I add stopovers during the route planning?

It's not possible to add stopovers (interim destinations) on the app.
Go to "Add waypoints" to add a stopover.
If you wish to add a subsequent destination, you can do so by right-clicking the location on the map.

What are the offered routes of "MTB", "Scenic" and "Fast" based on?

The "MTB" route favours unpaved roads and tracks (including mountain bike trails) on the way to your selected destination. The "SCENIC" route shows you the most scenic route from your location to your desired location and avoids major roads. The "FAST" route shows you the fastest route. With short routes, it may happen that the three route options are virtually identical.

How can I start completed GPX routes with my Nyon?

First, you need to import the desired GPX routes to the eBike Connect online portal (see the FAQ "How can I import available GPX routes to the ebike Connect online portal?"). The routes will then be transferred to Nyon at the next synchronisation.
If your track is not routable, Nyon will neither give you navigation instructions, nor calculate the distance or time. The track is displayed on the map in the on-board computer.
If your track is routable, Nyon will guide you along your way with turn-by-turn instructions.

How does Nyon guide me along the stopovers I've entered?

In Nyon, you can select under "Map & Navigation > Navigate> Saved Routes" whether you wish to be navigated to the starting point or to the first stopover. This applies for routes without stopovers, too. It's also possible to jump to the next stopover. The known, standard navigation is used for these routes.

Why does Nyon not navigate me to my selected stopover?

In some cases, a selected and set stopover on your route is not directly approachable for you. For example, you have clicked on an address on the map for your route with stopovers that is unfortunately not yet directly approachable for Nyon in the routing execution. The actual address may actually be in the middle of a building or body of water or be further away even though this may not be visible on the map. Nyon will attempt to route you to the exact entered address during the eBike ride, which, however, is not necessarily possible with a building. You can skip stopovers at any point and continue the route.

What is the altitude measurement based on?

The elevation indications in Nyon are based on barometric measurement.

What does the "Bring me home" and "Get me to work" sub-function mean?

Using the sub-functions "Bring me home" and "Get me to work", a single click let's you select the address you've stored in the app and/or portal as the destination address, and thereby start the navigation.
You can change your saved addresses via the online portal. Go to "Route Planning" and select "Saved Locations". There, you can enter the address of your home and workplace.

Are there interesting preset locations?

On Nyon, you can search for points of interest within a certain radius or vicinity. You just go to Map, select the right-hand menu, then go to Navigate and Points of Interest. There you will find categories of places that may be of interest to you. By clicking on any given category, specific suggestions are proposed. And by clicking on any one of these suggestions, you can choose between three different route options for getting there. Clicking on any one of these route options starts the navigation.
You can also find points of interest via eBike Connect. Once you have entered a starting point or destination address via "Route Planning", you can find nearby points of interest by pressing the "POI" button.

Can I access old destinations?

You can find your most recent destinations under "Map> Enter Address".
You can see what your most recent destinations were under "Route Planning". To do so, go to the arrow situated below Stop.
Use the sub-function "Recent destinations" to access a list of the recent destinations to which Nyon has navigated you. Use the joystick to select any destination from the list and re-activate the navigation from your current location.
FAQ / Fitness


What heart rate monitors are compatible with Nyon?

For a list of compatible heart rate monitors, please consult the help page in the online portal

How can I connect external devices such as a heart rate monitor?

Go to "Settings > Bluetooth > Heart rate monitor", and select your heart-rate monitoring device. Nyon connects to your heart rate monitor. The white heart symbol on the main screen indicates that the connection to your heart rate monitor is active. If you have activated a Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor, your heart rate is centrally displayed in the operating mode "Fitness" in place of the pedal power.

Why can't I connect my external device to my on-board computer?

Ensure that Bluetooth is activated on both devices.
Ensure that both your bicycle computer and the external device are adequately charged.

What fitness values does Nyon show me?

The "Fitness" operating mode displays the current power in watts, your calorie consumption, your current pedalling cadence, and your current speed. When you connect a heart rate monitor, your heart is displayed in place of your current pedalling cadence.

What is the training effect?

The term "training effect" describes the effect of your activities on your endurance performance. The training effect is shown in the form of a three-quarter circle in the left display area in the "Fitness" operating mode of the on-board computer. It is divided into the following steps: Regeneration, maintaining fitness, improving fitness, highly improving and overreaching. The training effect is calculated from pedal power and the length of the eBike journey. The age, height, weight and activity level of the rider is also taken into consideration in the calculation.
In this way, a possible overstraining of the rider can be warned about as a function of his or her fitness level. For example, an untrained eBike rider can be shown a possible overstraining already after 30 minutes, while a well-trained rider with the same workload would not be shown this at all or maybe after two hours under a very heavy workload.
Wearing the heart rate monitor increases the accuracy of training effect tracking. Its calculation is then based on the heart rate and duration of an eBike trip.

Where can I enter Fitness settings on the eBike Connect app?

You can enter your health data in your Profile. To enter Fitness settings, go to More > Settings > My Profile > Fitness. These settings can be adjusted after activation to customise heath values such as calories. If the lever is deactivated, generic data will be used. This means that your Fitness data become less precise.
You can adjust your eBike description under "My eBike". You can also add and remove devices there.
FAQ / Synchronisation/Connections


How can I connect my smartphone to my Bosch eBike on-board computer?

If you wish to connect your smartphone with a brand-new Nyon, please follow the steps below:
  1. Switch Nyon on.
  2. Select what language you wish to use.
  3. Select "Register > Online > Smartphone.
  4. Ensure that Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone.
  5. Now, start the eBike Connect app on your smartphone and go to "My eBike > Add device".
  6. Select Nyon and then choose the desired Nyon from the list of devices to connect it to your smartphone.

If you wish to connect your Nyon to a new smartphone, please follow the steps below:
  1. Switch Nyon on.
  2. Select "Settings > Connections > Connect smartphone“. Then follow the instructions on your Nyon.
  3. Ensure that Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone.
  4. Now, start the eBike Connect app on your smartphone and go to "My eBike > Add new eBike device".
Switch Nyon on, and go to "Settings > Connections > Connect new smartphone". Nyon will then present instructions that lead you from downloading the eBike Connect App and its installation all the way to the coupling process.
If your Nyon and your smartphone have already been connected before, please follow the steps below:
Ensure first in the settings on your smartphone that Bluetooth is activated. Provided that you have already fully completed the registration process via either the online portal ( or the eBike Connect app, switch Nyon on and wait until the dashboard or the "Ride" screen appears. If you've already coupled your smartphone with Nyon, the connection should be established automatically.
You can connect your smartphone to your on-board computer using the eBike Connect app.
If you have not yet added a device, go to "Add new device" in the app's feed. Then follow the instructions on the app.
If your on-board computer and your smartphone have already been connected before, turn Bluetooth on in both devices. An connection is established automatically to the device most recently connected.
If you wish to connect a different bicycle computer to your smartphone, go to "My eBike > Add device". Then follow the instructions on the app.
FAQ / Synchronisation/Connections


Where can I see whether my on-board computer is connected to my smartphone?

The connection's status is displayed under "My eBike".
When a Bluetooth connection has been established, the connection is displayed on the main screen of your Nyon in the form of a white Bluetooth icon.

How can I transfer my settings to my on-board computer?

Any data changed on the portal and in the app will be synchronised via an existing Bluetooth or Internet connection and will then be displayed on your Nyon.

Where can I see what on-board computer is currently connected to my smartphone?

The connection's status is displayed under "My eBike".

How can I change the connected on-board computer in the app?

You can add further devices under "My eBike". Follow the instructions in the app.

How are individual, customised riding modes and user-defined ride screens synchronised?

As soon as Nyon is connected to the eBike Connect app or the online portal, the individual customised riding modes and the user-defined ride screens are synchronised.
FAQ / Synchronisation/Connections


Where can I switch on a WLAN on my Nyon?

Go to "Settings > Connections > WLAN" and switch on WLAN by pressing the joystick.

How can I connect my Nyon to a WLAN?

Activate WLAN on your Nyon. Nyon will then search for available networks. Select the desired network using the joystick.
Important: Certain technical reasons prevent Nyon from establishing any connection to what are termed hotspot WiFi networks to which access is free but require two-factor authentication via login and password.

Where can I see whether Nyon is connected to a WLAN?

The WLAN symbol appears in white on the dashboard if a WLAN connection is established.
FAQ / Troubleshooting


Why is the date and time indications adjusted automatically?

When your on-board computer is connected to the eBike Connect app, the date and time are harmonised automatically.
FAQ / Troubleshooting

Nyon error display

My Nyon shows the error display "531" and can no longer be used. In addition, my eBike no longer receives any engine support.

This indication appears if the software version of your eBike's drive unit is too old (< DU SW and not compatible with the software version of your Nyon (from version onwards). This means the values of the custom riding modes set in your profile cannot access the outdated drive unit software and implement it. As a result, it blocks the eBike.
For this reason, please have your specialist eBike dealer update the drive unit to the latest version so that it is compatible with the latest versions of the Nyon and of the portal. You will then be able to use your eBike and Nyon as normal.

Where can I see what error codes mean what?

You can find a description of the error codes in the operating manual.
FAQ / Troubleshooting

Smartphone App

Why can't I connect my smartphone to my Bosch eBike on-board computer?

If your on-board computer has not yet been connected to your account, go to "Add new device". Ensure that the correct device has been selected. You'll find more bicycle computers by swiping to the right. Then follow the instructions on the app. Once you have selected the correct device, ensure that Bluetooth is activated on both devices. Then follow the instructions on the app.
If the app already knows your on-board computer, you must ensure that Bluetooth is activated. "My eBike" will display whether the problem lies with the connection status.

If your bicycle computer fails to connect to your smartphone, recharge your bicycle computer.
Bluetooth is not activated on your smartphone.
Nyon has not yet ever been connected with your smartphone. Please reselect Nyon in the Bluetooth settings and select where appropriate in the eBike Connect app "My eBike > Add device".
The operating system has been updated. Please reselect Nyon in the Bluetooth settings and select where appropriate in the eBike Connect app "My eBike > Add device".
FAQ / Troubleshooting

Activity Sync

My eBike trips are not shown in the online portal or in the app.

Establish a WLAN connection to transfer the data to eBike Connect. Alternatively, Nyon can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The data are then transferred to the online portal when your smartphone is connected to the Internet.
If an established connection has been confirmed, yet the data still won't transmit, check to determine whether a new software update is available for Nyon.
If no software update is available, go in the menu to "Settings > My Nyon > Reset to factory settings". Confirm the warning and reset your on-board computer. This is unfortunately necessary so that Nyon receives the necessary technical information during a new registration.
Please now carry out a new registration via Wi-Fi.