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Connected eBiking
Connected eBiking: the new way to be mobile. Kiox and Nyon, Bosch's smart on-board computers, provide information on everything that matters when you're on the move. Current route, range, speed, fitness data and training data: all of these details are available at your fingertips thanks to eBike Connectivity. Further connectivity features relating to navigation and training are provided by connecting to the eBike Connect smartphone app and to the online portal. This is how connected eBiking works today.
Sporty, compact and smart: Kiox
The connected Kiox on-board computer is the ideal training partner for ambitious riders: it enables you to keep track of the latest information about the battery charge level, your speed, heart rate and riding performance. When connected to the eBike Connect smartphone app, Kiox offers additional connectivity features like trip recording, activity evaluation, wireless software updates and the new navigation function.
Smart companion: Nyon
Nyon forms part of an intelligent system. The all-in-one on-board computer uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect with the eBike Connect smartphone app and the online portal to create a perfectly networked eBike experience. Nyon assists you at every stage, from route planning and the actual journey to the evaluation of your activities, offering you new maps, individual options and a host of additional premium functions.
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The future of eBiking is connected
eBiking is now even more fun and smarter, more comfortable and more personalised than ever. That's because intelligent systems consisting of the on-board computer, app and online portal make the eBike smart. Thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, riders are now even more informed about navigation, route planning, fitness and environmental conditions. Performance data such as altitude, speed, cadence and heart rate profiles can be recorded and evaluated. You can share information and stay in touch with friends on the go - that's what online services like Strava and komoot are all about. Connectivity lets you get more from your eBike.
Image 2
The smart on-board computer for sports enthusiasts
Kiox helps eBikers improve their fitness: the on-board computer notifies eBikers whether they are going above or below the average speed, motivating them to perform better. With an optimal Bluetooth-connected heart rate monitor, Kiox users can check their current heart rate at all times, enabling them to get the most out of their training. The Bluetooth low-energy interface also allows users to download Kiox software updates to the on-board computer without requiring a cable connection. The Bosch eBike Connect smartphone app makes the on-board computer even smarter. At the same time it also establishes a connection to the online portal. An existing internet connection enables all data to be automatically synchronised between the Kiox, app and portal - an intelligent team that ensures optimum connectivity.
More connectivity, more options:
Nyon is more than just an on-board computer for eBikes: It is a fully connected information centre. Together with the eBike Connect smartphone app and the online portal, Nyon eBike offers next generation connectivity - from route planning and the actual ride itself to the evaluation of activities. All data is automatically synchronised. Whether you're planning a nice "Sunday outing" or need to pick something up from the shop at short notice, Nyon allows you to choose from a variety of route profiles. The on-board computer has information on noteworthy places, such as points of interest, restaurants or picnic areas. Thanks to the built-in GPS receiver and offline maps, Nyon needs neither Internet nor smartphone connection while on the move. Enjoy a personal, connected and interactive eBike experience with no limits.
Image 4
The intelligent smartphone cockpit
The SmartphoneHub transforms the pedelec into a fully networked eBike and part of digital life: Thanks to the smartphone and the COBI.Bike app, the SmartphoneHub can become an intelligent control centre that navigates, records activities and connects them to other services and apps.
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